Sterling Silver Teardrop Breastmilk Ring & Necklace (DIY KIT)

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Elevate your DIY jewelry game with our Sterling Silver Gold Plated Teardrops Ring and Necklace DIY Kit. Crafted for creativity and elegance, this kit empowers you to fashion a stunning teardrop-inspired ring and necklace from the comfort of your home. The kit includes all the necessary materials and step-by-step instructions, ensuring a seamless crafting experience. The teardrop design, delicately gold-plated, adds a touch of sophistication to your handmade pieces. Create lasting treasures that reflect your unique style, and enjoy the satisfaction of crafting your jewelry. Elevate your self-made accessories with this kit, designed for the modern DIY enthusiast.

What's Included:
-Sterling Silver Gold Plated Teardrop Necklace/Ring: Exquisite teardrop-shaped pendants, meticulously crafted from sterling silver and enhanced with a radiant gold plating, exuding elegance and grace.
- Essential Tools and Materials: Everything you need to complete your project, from resin to mixing cups, stir sticks, and more.
- Detailed Instructions: Comprehensive written instructions guiding you through each step of the crafting process, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
Instructions Videos: Visual aids in the form of instructions videos, providing a step-by-step demonstration of the entire creation process.
- Online Assistance: Should you encounter any challenges during your crafting journey, our dedicated team is readily available to provide online guidance and support, ensuring you achieve the best results.

Create a treasured keepsake that encapsulates the beauty of your breastfeeding journey with our DIY Kit for Sterling Silver Gold Plated Teardrops Breastmilk Necklace and Ring. Crafted with love and care, your personalized jewelry will become a cherished memento for generations to come. Start crafting your own story today.

Finished Product Details:

  • Metal: 925 sterling silver with solid gold plating
  • Color: rose gold, white gold 
  • Breast milk stone size: 6mmx9mm (ring), 7mmx10mm (necklace)
  • Ring size: available in 5-10 US sizes
  • Gift ready jewelry box


1. The DIY Kit allows you to create your own homemade jewelry, and the process is simple. If you would like us to make it for you, please contact us.

2. Regarding Add-on settings: These jewelry accessories (along with matching molds) are exclusively for our members. Please refrain from placing orders if you are not a member.

3. Gold-plated jewelry, while beautiful, may show signs of tarnishing over time, especially with frequent wear. If you wish to preserve the brilliance of your breastmilk necklace and ring for a lifetime, we recommend considering our solid gold options. To explore these everlasting options or to seek further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Color Rose Gold

Customer Reviews

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I am so happy with my necklace and really impressed with the quality. Customer service was great and quick to respond when I had a question. The instructions were easy to follow and everything turned out great. Definitely recommend!



Once we receive your order, we will mail you a breast milk collection kit within 1-3 business days, which comes with tools and instructions to collect 10ml of breast milk.


For orders placed in the United States and Canada, a prepaid return envelope is also included, simply drop it off at your USPS (or CANADA POST) office. Return shipping is FREE!

For orders placed outside the United States and Canada, a padded return envelope and return address are included. You need to pay for the return shipping.


The turnaround time varies, typically between 4-6 weeks after we receive your breast milk.

Frequent Asked Questions

It's based on trust. Other than DNA testing, there is no real way to prove that we used someone's breast milk (ashes, hair or placenta) to make your jewelry. However, we know the importance and deep meaning that keepsake jewelry embodies. Furthermore, as a company that has been making keepsake jewelry since 2019, we have accumulated a great reputation with a wide range of customers and we would never risk ruining the reputation we have created.

The standard processing time for our keepsake jewelry is four to six weeks from the date we receive your milk(ashes,hair or placenta), but up to eight weeks for complex pieces.

You can also rush your order for a fee. By adding Rush Turnaround to your purchase, we prioritize your order and guarantee that we will dispatch your finished jewelry First-Class Mail within 4 weeks from the date we receive your breast milk(ashes,hair or placenta).

Yes, you can rush your order for a fee. By adding Rush Turnaround to your purchase, we prioritize your order and guarantee that we will dispatch your finished jewelry First-Class Mail within 4 weeks from the date we receive your breast milk(ashes,hair or placenta).

Yes, we ship internationally. When you place your order, we send you a, leak-proof storage container for your milk, with instructions, a padded return envelope, and return address. You need to pay for the return shipping.